Volkner Mobil Slide-Out and Wall-Out

Volkner Mobil offers an additional space enlarging concept we call Wall Out.

All vehicles on our roads are subject to size restrictions. So to increase the size of your living space by up to 20% has been made possible by continued technological development.

Slide outs (as they are referred to in the U.S.) have been around for a long time such as on showmans´ carriages and American RV 's, but Volkner wanted to produce a more insulated and mechanically strong extension without compromising the strength of the vehicle´s structure.


We also wanted to produce a Wall Out with minimum "in /out" time with the very best reliable mechanical operation.

We offer these options on most of our vehicles and you can be assured of a heated, warm insulated area, great in winter situations with zero leakage.


Video of our Wallout technology