Volkner Mobil structure

The Volkner Mobil structure basically consists of a combination of hand laminated GRP mouldings and highly stable design plates, which are manufactured according to a specific in-house design.

The thickness and composition of the panels are tailored for each model and combine together to form the special composition by using various thermoplastics. This process gives the relevant properties necessary in a motorhome such as low weight, high stability and resistance to corrosion.

Using this joining technique, developed in our workshop, this method creates a chassis with equivalent qualities of a monocoque. The front and rear ends are hand-laminated, we also fit an impact protection system, so that in the event of any accident, energy is optimally dissipated.

The combination of a subframe and our construction design, ensures optimal road holding and minimal body flexing. With our state of the art CNC-controlled precision machinery, work begins on essential components.


Steel, stainless steel and aluminum are shaped by 3D drawings. Through computer-controlled milling machines mounting plates of up to 12 meters can be precisely machined, doors, windows and other access points are cut with the utmost precision.

The highest quality woodwork specially manufactured for motorhomes using real wood veneer starts here.