Volkner Mobil BrainPilot

Developed by Volkner Mobil, our computerized control panel called Brain pilot consists of a central computer and modules that are connected via fiber optic cable. This state of the art control system permanently monitors and controls all equipment in the vehicle. Operation is via a touch screen panel with clear menu navigation.
This system was established over 20 years ago and is continually evolving as new technologies become available. After initial set up personalised by the user, the system takes over full automatic control of the various systems including heating, tank levels and energy sources (gas, diesel, electricity, engine heating). The system allows desired heating times to be set and differing by time and zone.


For example, pleasant coolness can be attained in the bedroom at the same time, cozy warmth in the bathroom and a comfortable temperature in the living room fully automatically.

The Brain pilot can also be set to automatically activate the engine preheating which not only reduces engine wear in cold weather, but assists in heating the vehicle. The Brain Pilot display indicates the current temperature of each individual heating zone and graphically displays the temperature profile.

Where there is likely to be a period of inactivity, the whole system can be set with one touch into conservation mode which minimises energy consumption and ensures the vehicle is protected against frost damage.
At a glance the system in analogue and digital form provides information on all tank levels and warns the user when levels fall or exceed pre set levels. The system has been designed to give extremely accurate measurements and to give you safe reserve levels after the audible alarm.

The energy management of the Brain pilot controls, regulates and monitors the energy extraction and recovery in the vehicle by the linking of batteries, alternators, solar panels and generator. The intelligent system always ensures a positive energy balance by starting the generator if needed fully automatically.

The system is so intelligent, it can, for example "tell" the generator not to switch on automatically until say 9 AM and after say 8 PM.