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Volkner Mobil Performance

The innovative and exclusive Volkner Mobil Performance
is available in four model variations to choose from. Each and every mobile home is made individually for you.

Classic with patented middle garage
and exclusive interior
Volkner Mobil Performance classik with middle garage

Spacious with slide-out for living room
and kitchen, as well as middle garage
Volkner Mobil Performance Slide-out

Exclusive with middle garage, a wall-out
to enlarge the interior space
to nearlythe whole vehicle length
Volkner Mobil Performance with Wall-out

The VIP version in BUS-optics
and patented middle garage
Volkner Mobil VIP-Bus with middle garage

The Wall-out by Volkner Mobil
interior shot Volkner Mobil Performance Wall-out

The middle garage by Volkner Mobil
The middle garage by Volkner Mobil

Volkner Mobil Performance with Wiesmann roadsterVolkner Mobil Performance with Mini Cooper S CabrioVolkner Mobil Performance with Mercedes SLK roadster

High-quality individual components such as engine, transmission and axle aggregates of a modern touring bus form the basis of the different versions of our luxury travel mobile Volkner Mobil Performance - from 10,5 to 12,3 m overall length, 2- or 3-axial - we do not leave desires open.

Volkner Mobil Performance with terrace awning Volkner Mobil Performance with Jaguar

The trend-setting construction of the patented central garage of Volkner Mobil makes the taking along of different passenger cars possible - depending upon panel body length of the vehicle. In the type with an overall length of 10,5 m a Mini Cooper finds place. Even a taking along of Porsche 911, Jaguar XK8 Cabriolets, BMW 6er Cabriolet, Maserati Quattroporte or similarly dimensioned cars is made possible in the Performance type with an overall length of 12,3 m.

Volkner Mobil Performance driver placeVolkner Mobil Performance livingroomVolkner Mobil Performance kitchen

The one level vehicle floor results from the patented car draft as well as the alternative positions of the entrance door within the range of the driver’s cab or the middle of the vehicle, permitting undreamt-of possibilities in the sketch and in the interior design. Even kitchen professionals get pleasure from it. With large work surfaces, comfortable pharmacist cabinets, special table-ware installations, microwave, grill baking-oven, dishwasher and washing machine even the housework becomes the pleasure. In all areas a generous space offer exists. If this should not be sufficient nevertheless, the customer has the possibility of increasing his vehicle with up to three Slide outs.

Volkner Mobil Performance bathroomVolkner Mobil Performance bathroomVolkner Mobil Performance water tapVolkner Mobil Performance bedroomVolkner Mobil Performance bedroom

The roomy bathroom can be arranged very individual. Ceramic(s), granite, marble, gilded armatures, towel rack heating elements, integrated music plant - everything is possible. Your desires and your taste set the tone. This bathroom is with a massage showers equipped with several programs and under-floor heating, which were installed even under the shower. A free standing bed accessible from three sides makes a comfortable entrance into the realm of the dreams possible. Space high cabinets from materials of your choice, as e.g. genuine wood, aluminium or steel, make the taking along of sufficient clothes for each cause possible.

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